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The Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians (PAAH) monograph series produces volumes that survey the scholarship in various areas of Ancient History. Each member of the AAH receives a complimentary copy of new PAAH volumes as they are published.  Volumes 1-8 are available for personal use as free downloads; see the PAAH downloads page.


Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians series:


#1 Past and Future in Ancient History by Chester G. Starr [available as a free pdf download]


#2 The Shifting Sands of Egypt: Interpretations of Ptolemaic Egypt by Alan E. Samuel [available as a free pdf download]


#3 Roman Imperial Grand Strategy by Arther Ferrill [available as a free pdf download]


#4 Myth Becomes History: Pre-Classical Greece by Carol Thomas [available as a free pdf download]


#5 Ancient History: Recent Works and New Directions by S. Burstein, R. MacMullen, K. Raaflaub and A. M. Ward [available as a free pdf download]


#6 Before Alexander: Constructing Early Macedonia by Eugene Borza [available as a free pdf download]


#7 Current Issues and the Study of Ancient History eds. S. M. Burstein, N. Demand, I. Morris and L. E. Tritle [available as a free pdf download]


#8 Current Issues in the History of the Ancient Near East by G. Rubio, S. Garfinkle, G.Beckman, D. Snell, ed. M. W. Chavalas [available as a free pdf download]


#9 Animals, Agriculture, and Society in Ancient Greece by Timothy Howe


#10 Recent Directions in the Military History of the Ancient World by Seth Richardson, Everett Wheeler, Sara Phang, Doug Lee, ed. Lee L. Brice and Jennifer Roberts


#11 Traders in the Ancient Mediterranean by Christopher Monroe, David W. Tandy, Michael Kozuh, J. G. Manning, David Hollander, ed. Timothy Howe. Available from Amazon.



Other publications by the AAH:


The Craft of the Historian: Essays in Honor of Chester G. Starr, ed John W. Eadie and Josiah Ober. [available as a free pdf download]


The Legacy of Ernst Badian ed. Carol Thomas.


Makedonika: Essays by Eugene N. Borza ed. Carol Thomas


The Coming of the Greeks by James T. Hooker



Regina Press Publications by AAH Members:


Macedonian Legacies: Studies In Ancient Macedonian History and Culture by Timothy Howe and Jeanne Reames (2008)

Text and Tradition: Studies in Greek History and Historiography by Ronald Mellor and Lawrence Tritle (1999)

Roman Agrarian History: The Political Economy Of Ancient Rome by Max Weber (2010)

Polis and Polemos: Essays on Politics, War, and History in Ancient Greece  by Charles D. Hamilton and Peter Krentz (1997)

Alexander and his Successors: Essays from the Antipodes by Pat Wheatley and Robert Hannah (2009)

Crossroads of History: The Age of Alexander by Waldemar Heckel and Lawrence A. Tritle (2003)

Alexander's Empire - Formulation to Decay by Waldemar Heckel, Lawrence Tritle and Pat Wheatley (2007)




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