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The AAH is pleased to make some of the early volumes of the Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians available to the public at no cost. These files are for the use of individuals only and may not be used for commerical purposes. By opening the file you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use.


Note: These files are quite large and may take some time to load.



PAAH #1: Chester G. Starr, Past and Future in Ancient History (1987)


PAAH #2: Alan Samuels, The Shifting Sands of History: Interpretations of Ptolemaic Egypt (1989)


PAAH #3: Arther Ferrill, Roman Imperial Grand Strategy (1991)


PAAH #4: Carol G. Thomas, Myth Becomes History: Pre-Classical Greece (1993)


PAAH #5: Stanley M. Burstein, Ramsay MacMullen, Kurt A. Raaflaub, Allen M. Ward, Ancient History: Recent Work and New Directions (1997)


PAAH 6: Eugene N. Borza: Before Alexander: Constructing Early Macedonia (1999)


PAAH 7: Stanley M. Burstein, Nancy Demand, Ian Morris, Lawrence Tritle, Current Issues and the Study of Ancient History (2002)


PAAH 8: Gonzalo Rubio, Steven J. Garfinkle, Gary Beckman, Daniel C. Snell, Mark W. Chavalas, Current Issues in the History of the Ancient Near East (2007)


Also available:


The Craft of the Historian: Essays in Honor of Chester G. Starr, ed John W. Eadie and Josiah Ober.



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