Terms and Conditions of Use for Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians files


1. PAAH.
The Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians (PAAH) monograph series produces volumes that survey the scholarship in various areas of Ancient History. Copyright for the following volumes is held by the Association of Ancient Historians, and the volumes are being made available at no cost.


By downloading these volumes as a User, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Users.
Access to PAAH volumes is available to “Users”, meaning individuals.

3. The Volumes.
“Volumes” means the individual volumes of PAAH 1-8, defined as complete books and/or portions of such books, such as book chapters. 

4. Permitted Uses of the Content.
4.1. Users may search, view, reproduce, display, download, print, perform, and distribute Volumes for the following Permitted Uses, provided they abide by the restrictions in this Section 4, Section 5 and elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions of Use:
(a) research activities; 
(b) classroom or organizational instruction and related classroom or organizational activities; 
(c) student assignments; 
(d) as part of a scholarly, cultural, educational or organizational presentation or workshop, if such use conforms to the customary and usual practice in the field; 
(h) on an ad hoc basis and without commercial gain;
(i) downloading Content to view, use and display including on a personal digital device (e.g. mobile devices, e-readers, and personal computers);
(k) fair use under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act, educational exceptions, or other similar provisions of the copyright laws or other intellectual property right laws in the United States.

Please be considerate of other users and do not use robots or other devices or coordinate activity to systematically download these works as this may be disruptive to our systems. 

5.    Prohibited Uses of the Content.
Users may not:
(a) download PAAH volumes for commercial purposes or gains. For purposes of clarification, “commercial purposes or gains” shall not include research whose end-use is commercial in nature.
(b) attempt to override, circumvent, or disable any encryption features or software protections employed;
(c) undertake any activity such as the use of computer programs that automatically download or export Content, commonly known as web robots, spiders, crawlers, wanderers or accelerators that may interfere with, disrupt or otherwise burden the AAH server(s) or any third-party server(s) being used or accessed in connection with the AAH; or
(d) undertake coordinated or systematic activity between or among two or more individuals and/or entities that, in the aggregate, constitutes downloading and/or distributing a significant portion of the Content; or
(e) make any use, display, performance, reproduction, or distribution that exceeds or violates these Terms and Conditions of Use.
Additionally, for Content other than the Early Journal Content, Institutions and users may not:
(f) modify, obscure, or remove any copyright notice or other attribution included in the Content.

6. Intellectual Property Rights.
General Intellectual Property Rights. The copyrights and copyright registrations and applications (collectively, "Intellectual Property") relating to PAAH are proprietary to the Association of Ancient Historians. 

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