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Subvention grants are funded entirely by the generous contributions of our members and supporters. We need your help help in assisting our junior colleagues to become active members of the profession.
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The Association of Ancient Historians awards Grants-in-aid for the purposes of underwriting travel expenses of advanced graduate students and junior faculty who want to attend our annual meetings.  It is our intention to encourage more members to sample the collegial atmosphere of our annual meetings and to encourage more colleagues to join what is truly a unique association of Ancient History professionals. Applicants must be members of the AAH but are not required to present papers. For more infomation about grants, see the Grant Guidelines.


The funds supporting this program are the proceeds of generous donations from individual members of the AAH.  The implementation of the subvention program and its continued success in attracting junior colleagues are testaments both to the spirit of the founders of the AAH and the unique vitality of our meetings. From 2004 through 2018, the AAH awarded a total of more than $15,000.00 to more than 50 candidates, about half of whom presented papers.

In order to apply for a subvention award for the 2019 Annual Meeting at Emory University, please follow these guidelines:


Part I:  The Letter

  • Your professional status (graduate student or junior faculty)
  • Your research interest
  • AAH membership status (already a member or joining now) (only members may receive grants)
  • Previous AAH conference attendance (and if so, which ones)
  • Why you want to attend the conference (presenting a paper, developing new professional contacts, meeting colleagues, learning more about the AAH, etc.)
  • Whether you have received a subvention grant in the past (and if so, how much the grant was)


Part II:  The Budget

  • The application should also include a simple budget (transportation costs, housing costs, AAH annual meeting cost [if published at time of application], and any other applicable expenses).  In this part of the application, include how much you would like to have from the AAH to attend the annual meeting.


Part III:  The Reference Letter

  • Applicants should also solicit a blind letter of reference in support of their application.  The letter should speak to the applicant’s likely contributions to the field of ancient history, how their participation in the conference will likely aid their professional development and any other relevant information that the reference decides to include.


Questions or Applications (due January 31, 2019) to:


Dr. Matthew Perry, Subvention Committee Chair

(or) John Jay College

City University of New York

524 W. 59thStreet

New York, NY 10019



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