Directory of Ancient Historians in the United States and Canada

Compiled and edited by Greg Anderson and Leanne Bablitz


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A Note From the Editor

The original edition of the directory was compiled by Richard Talbert and Bob Wallace nearly 20 years ago, back in 1992.  The last thoroughly revised version was published by Regina Press in 1999.  The current edition is entirely new.  Fresh listings have been assembled from scratch, using the most up-to-date data that is available online.  And in an attempt to cover practitioners across all of North America, entries for Canada have now been included for the first time.  As general coordinator of the project, I myself assumed overall editorial responsibility.  Roughly 2/3 of the American data were assembled by other contributors, the final 1/3 by myself.  Leanne Bablitz was responsible for all the Canadian listings.


The net result of these efforts does not claim to be complete or perfect.  Inevitably, there will be errors of omission and commission.  The directory has been produced entirely by volunteers, working in their spare time.  And obviously, a project of this kind is only as good as its source materials.  These are for the most part the publicly available data found on institutional websites, some of which are more informative and user-friendly than others.

A couple of words about editorial decisions that have been made along the way. 


First, given the scale of the task, certain economies have had to be made in the interests of convenience and simplicity.  For example, each listed individual is identified only by academic rank, not by title(s).  Holders of even the most prestigious endowed chairs will therefore usually find themselves represented here simply as "Professor."  Likewise, local idiosyncrasies (e.g., DPhil, Oxon.) are liable to appear in less exotic forms (e.g., PhD, Oxford).

A more fundamental issue to confront, though, was: Who to include?  Who or what exactly is an "ancient historian" these days?  If there ever was a time when "ancient history" appeared to present itself as a free-standing "field," delineated by more or less self-evident disciplinary boundaries, that time is no more, thanks largely to the ongoing "cultural turn" of recent decades.  To compile a directory like this is then to construct such a field.  Establishing its spatio-temporal limits was relatively unproblematic.  As before, the directory aims to cover all those who work on the "histories" of the lands that were in some way implicated in Greco-Roman antiquity, from the earliest prehistory to early medieval times.  So who among all the students of this antiquity should then be counted a "historian"?  For all practical purposes, it was easier to determine those who did not belong in this category than those who did, i.e., those concerned primarily with the form and/or contents of texts, artifacts, and practices rather than with their larger cultural entanglement.  But one readily accepts that this "disciplinary" boundary is in the end as arbitrary as any other.  Hopefully, the directory is useful nonetheless.


My heartfelt thanks to all those who helped put this resource together.  First, to the good citizens who helped collect the US data: Lindsay Adams, Michael Alexander, John DeFelice, Pat Dintrone, John Donahue, Michael Helfield, John Hyland, Phil Kaplan, Danielle Kellogg, Mark Northrup, Eric Robinson, Walter Scheidel, Saundra Schwartz, and Brian Turner.  Very special thanks also to my co-editor, Leanne Bablitz, for taking on the challenge of the Canadian listings, for which no previous template existed.  And my sincere gratitude to Pat Dintrone for offering to prepare the listings for access online.  Finally, humble apolgies to anyone misrepresented, omitted, or included against their will.

Greg Anderson
Ohio State University




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